Before you jump into developing a mobile app, pause to consider these 5 things that affect the success of your app. Click on each image for more on that topic.

1. Your Goal

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It’s so important to begin with the end in mind. What do you want the app to do? Why do you want to do that? What’s the benefit? Can it be measured? Identifying a clear goal will keep you focused through the process when you’re tempted to add features to your app that may not support your desired outcome.

2. Your Budget

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What is your budget? Is it realistic to accomplish the goal and concept you’ve identified? Take an honest look at the scope of what you want to build and at your budget. Are the two aligned? Apps are generally bid specifically for the features you want to include, so there’s no set cost for building an app. But if you want some help estimating cost, check out this article. (Or contact us for a free consultation and quote!)

3. Your Timeline

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Is there any event, transition, fiscal year, etc. that would necessitate your app launching on a specific date? If so, you should know what it is and how strict that deadline is. You should also know that app development is a complex process that will take a while. Every (successful) project begins with extensive research on the users, the context, and the competition. Then you’ll have an iterative design process, before it goes to development. After development, there’s testing, QA, usability testing, and error fixes. And after all that, you’ll need approval from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Great development teams will do their best to meet your deadlines, but the process can only be rushed so much. The point is, don’t wait to start until the last minute. Give yourself time.

4. Your Team

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It takes a lot of work to build a quality app, so be sure you have the team to make it happen. It takes researchers, designers, developers, project managers, QA testers, and technical support to launch a quality app. If you want to hire an in-house developer, consider the workloads of all your other team members who will be involved. Can they give the project the attention and time it needs? If you want to hire an app development vendor, ask about their project management and support team as well as their technical expertise. Also, designate one of your team members to “own” the project and work directly with the vendor.

5. It’s Fun!

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Apps are cool, and building your own is even cooler. Seeing an idea from your head become a reality is thrilling. Don’t let the details stress you out so much that you forget to enjoy the process and the results.

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