It can be overwhelming to find a web developer or web development company for a big new project. Everyone claims to be expert programmers, and truthfully, they probably are. There’s a lot of great programmers in the world. However, a lot more goes into a custom application than just the programming. So when you’re vetting out developers, look for these 5 things that set the great web development teams apart. (Click on the images to read more about each item.)

1. They Listen Well

web development You know how frustrating it is to repeat yourself over and over again. Great developers really listen and understand your ideas and vision. They remember and take notes, then apply that information in useful ways.

2. They Ask Good Questions

Stage1 No matter how honed your communication skills are, it’s always a challenge to completely communicate all the background info stored in your brain. Great developers will help you out by asking good questions that uncover vital information that you may have forgotten to mention.

3. They Quickly and Effectively Solve Problems

custom development Custom development is amazing, but the unique features often need creative solutions. Great programmers are skilled at finding creative solutions quickly, saving you from costly deadline extensions.

4. They Test Thoroughly

PHP development Nothing is more frustrating than starting to use your new software and finding heaps of tiny errors. Any programmer worth their salt will do testing before finalizing the project, but the great developers will be exceptionally detailed and thorough in testing.

5. They Think Long Term

Development Process Launch is only the beginning of an application’s life. Technology platforms are always updating and improving, which means your application will need some regular maintenance to stay current and functioning. Also, as your business grows, you may need to scale your application for more users and information. Great developers plan ahead for these changes.

That’s our list of things that set great web developers apart. What do you look for in a great vendor?

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