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About Rocket Jones: What’s in a Name?

Yes, the name “Rocket Jones” does have a special meaning. Glad you asked! Besides having a cool ring to it, Rocket Jones suits us because it captures the two most important aspects of who we are as an application development company.

When we think of rockets, we think of cutting-edge science, advanced technology, and highly skilled professionals making neat stuff. That’s the rocket part of our name.

Our team lives on the cutting edge of web technologies. Boring tech babble to many, but not to our guys. Computer nerds? You bet, the best kind. Truth is, you need guys like us on your side. Our team shines because we don’t just dabble with web software and mobile apps—we live and breathe them. We’re not cocky, but we are confident. That’s what puts the rocket in Rocket Jones.

But it’s not enough to hunker down in the programming dungeon and write code. The problem with a lot of computer nerds is that they don’t know how to apply technologies in the real world. We understand that the greatest new technologies don’t amount to a hill of beans if they aren’t applied to your business in a practical and cost-effective way.  We also partner with expert design and marketing teams so your product is smart, beautiful, and popular.

Meet the Joneses. We listen as you talk. And as we listen, we’re thinking about your unique needs and what solutions might work best for you. And we’re talking. We’re talking in normal, everyday language. We don’t try to impress with geek-speak. We impress by listening, thinking, and creating solutions that help you do what you do best—your business! We’re personable, friendly and easy to talk to. Just like the Joneses next door.

So that’s us. Just think of us as the Joneses from next door who happen to have a degree in rocket science.

Rocket Jones was founded in 2001 and is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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