RallyCap is a Colorado company that helps high school students make informed choices for their future. RallyCap Ambassadors visit high schools across the country and match students with options for schooling, career, military, and volunteer work based on the student’s long-term goals and personality traits. Their goal is for students to find the right path on the first try.

RallyCap had an older website that guided students through information and quizzes as the Ambassador was presenting, but it lacked a way to keep students focused on the current section. Classroom management was challenging because impatient students would click through as quickly as possible, which meant they got bored and disruptive while waiting for everyone else. Plus, they missed instructions from the presenter and got poorly matched results in the end.

A new web application needed to be built, so RallyCap came to Rocket Jones and explained their goals for better class management and more accurate results for students. We built a web application that

  • Uses a unique permissions function between each section that allows the ambassador to control the pace and overall classroom experience.
  • Programmatically integrates with a third-party personality evaluation system
  • Sends student’s results as a PDF through email
  • Sends SMS (text message) reminders to students (opt-in)

RallyCap launched their new application, UBEU, at the beginning of this school year, and the results have been great! Each month, more than 10,000 students use the application to explore their choices and connect with universities and other organizations.

We’re so excited to see their great results!

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