Post by Zachary Ostin
Rocket Jones is a company that builds custom cloud-based tools for clients in just about any area of business. This is so fascinating to me because I have been a student of process in business throughout my 30 year career.

My father was an entrepreneur, and I too have been a small business owner myself. I became aware of how valuable systems and processes are at a young age. I believe it is critical to all businesses large or small.

One of the things that always struck me in my career is how companies struggled to duplicate their success. They would land a good client. Nail the project for that client. Grow their business and take on more good clients only to disappoint the new clients or the ones that help them grow or worse strip the company of cash or human resources by stretching the company beyond it ownership.

Lets face it: duplicating success in business is one of the most difficult challenges in business today.

I have read books and gone to plenty of seminars on how to accomplish this mammoth task. I have spent thousands of dollars on “out of the box” software to accomplish little in duplicating my success. Not to mention, the companies I have worked for have done the same to a much larger degree.

What I find so exciting about Rocket Jones is that they are able to automate manual processes for companies who are struggling with old databases or clunky “out of the box” software that does not fit their needs, not to mention probably causing them to struggle when trying to scale their businesses to serve their clients old and new.

In most cases developing cloud based software tools will more than pay for themselves in the short term by simply replacing old manual processes or clunky software that is stealing productivity on a daily basis. Not to mention the long term gains of being able to scale the business to take on more clients, take better care of those clients as well as free up their staff to do more interesting work which reduces turnover and increases productivity.

Since starting my job with Rocket Jones, my mind is racing about all the companies I know who can benefit from custom cloud-based software. The possibilities are endless, really, but from a practical point of view any company that is battling supply chain, billing, human resource, scheduling, job costing, scheduling or just about any other challenge can solve these problems simply by sitting down with these guys and talking through the challenge to come up with a custom solution.

The bottom line is if you have a good company that could be better with simply automating some existing manual processes that are consuming your team with “busy” work, you could use custom software. If you have the latest idea on how to rescue the world from wasting countless time by using your custom web tool, drop us a note and we’ll help you out.

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