Most of our clients come to us with a fairly clear idea of what they need custom software or a mobile app to do. Either they have a specific need in their business, or they’ve already done quite a bit of research and documentation around the concept. From that point, it’s easy to move into Stage 1 and explore from that point.

However, sometimes potential clients come to us with a very fundamental concept. They ask us if it’s possible to build and what it might look like if we were to build it. We love getting these requests because discovery and research is such a fun part of what we do. For these clients, we’ve developed a separate service called Stage Zero.

In Stage Zero, we go through the process of defining specific user goals and business goals. We do plenty of sketching, brainstorming, debating, research, prototyping, testing, and designing. By the end of Stage Zero, you’ll have a functional requirements document, clearly identified user types, and a defined goal for the project.

Stage Zero is for you if you have a general concept for your app, but you’re not sure where to start.