Prosci Custom Web Application


Prosci’s clients include individuals seeking resources for smaller-scale change management, businesses purchasing training and resources for multiple people, and large-scale corporate and government affiliates. Each user requires somewhat different access to content, but Prosci’s existing website was difficult to navigate. In fact, Prosci’s vast amount of data, content, and training material was so large that it had to be dispersed over two different websites. Locating materials and tools was frustrating to admin and users. Eventually, “The websites were collapsing in on themselves from the sheer weight of content,” said Jorge Garza, Project Manager at Prosci. Prosci identified their four main problems with the current websites and content delivery.

Prosci decided to create a custom web app to deliver tools and content, all with a consistent look and feel. “We envisioned a single web portal that would serve as a virtual workbench for accessing cutting-edge web applications and resources, but we didn’t have the expertise to create it,” said Tim Creasey, Chief Development Officer at Prosci.

The Challenges

1. Their websites were difficult to navigate, making it hard for users to find what they needed. Even Prosci’s world-class change management trainers had difficulty accessing their resources.

2. The format of information varied widely, from paper reports, to Excel spreadsheets, to web-based tools, to in-person training. The material’s lack of consistency drastically hindered its effectiveness.

3. Data gathering and analysis methods were labor-intensive.

4. Publishing costs were going up for books and other paper resources.


Stage 1: Explore + Envision

Rocket Jones and Prosci brainstormed ideas to come up with possible solutions. Rocket Jones spent time getting to know Prosci, listening to their needs, interpreting those needs through technology, and then presenting possible solutions.


Stage 2: Plan + Sketch

After identifying needs and generating ideas, Rocket Jones decided on which tools and resources would become part of the portal and which would be converted to custom web apps. Then Rocket Jones sketched ideas for the portal and applications, and the two companies revised the drawings together to get the final version.

Stage 3: Build + Test

With the wireframes finished, Rocket Jones built the custom web app. Prosci chose a web application that would make their tools available anywhere, and Rocket Jones built it with the LAMP Software Stack. This software is widely supported and powerful enough to grow with their needs.

Stage 4: Track + Support

Before launch, Rocket Jones tested the custom web app for bugs and then sent the product to Prosci for testing. Once all issues discovered during testing were fixed, the product was launched. Software continually needs monitoring and updating, so Rocket Jones continues to work closely with Prosci to improve and expand the portal.



Single-Login Authentication

Users do not have to visit multiple websites, searching for the right tool or resource. Instead, users enter their personal usernames and passwords, giving them secure access to the portal and ensuring their data is private and secure.

Interface Consistency

Online tools no longer look and behave differently. The team established a Prosci brand across everything. Putting all resources online reduced publishing costs as well.

Inter-tool Communication

The tools in the portal now share data via a database that Rocket Jones developed. Sending out surveys and aggregating the data is now automated; this frees up Prosci’s staff to continue conducting  research.

Consistent Payment Methods

Users have access to tools they already own, free tools and resources, as well as additional tools for purchase. Rocket Jones developed an easy-to-follow online purchase process that accommodates monthly and annual subscriptions, one-time purchases, and multi-seat products.

custom web app
custom web app