custom web application
custom web application

Employer’s Edge is a Colorado company that manages unemployment claims for other businesses. They provide an unemployment claims management system for their clients, including dedicated claim specialists and web software that tracks each claim, related documents, YTD claim stats, and detailed reporting.

In 2016, Employer’s Edge decided to upgrade their custom web software. Their current system was working, but the navigation and design were sometimes challenging to use, and certain data sets were too large for the software to process efficiently. The software also needed to display appropriate information to several levels of user types and only allow them to access relevant reports.

Rocket Jones built a new web application that integrated with the Employer’s Edge internal database. The web application pulls from that database to display information and run reports. Speed of load time had been a problem with the old software, but the new application improved load time significantly. Like the old software, the new web application also featured robust data security measures to protect the sensitive information being transmitted.

We redesigned their navigation to improve user experience, and the new application added YTD reports and graphs, as well as new report types. The new application is simple and easy to navigate for all user types, and the reports run quickly without placing a burden on the server.

We’re so excited for Employer’s Edge, and we can’t wait to see their great results!

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