We are so excited to announce the launch of the Healthy Homes project! This project was a collaboration with A-Train Marketing and the City of Fort Collins Utilities, and we’re excited that it’s now available to the public. The application is a mobile-first website, which means it runs in a web browser, but it’s specifically designed to be used on a phone or tablet. We enjoyed working with A-Train Marketing, and they did a fabulous job on the graphic design and layout for the site.

Healthy Homes is a City of Fort Collins initiative to improve indoor air quality. Before we built the mobile site, Healthy Homes was largely run by volunteers who would be invited to visit residents’ homes and to evaluate factors that could influence air quality. This was helpful, but time consuming for the volunteers. Plus, the volunteers would be more effective if they could help solve the problems instead of just identify them. The city needed a way for residents to evaluate their own homes and then reach out for assistance to solve issues if desired.

The Healthy Homes mobile site does just that. Users quickly create an account and start selecting rooms to inspect. Each item offers helpful images and information about potential problems, along with ways to solve them. At the end of each room evaluation, a score and summary is given with instructions for resolving any existing issues.

Because the users create accounts, information is saved, and the user can start and stop the evaluation at any time. So if you want to evaluate your kitchen and bathroom, but you don’t have time for the garage, just pause and come back later when you have the time.

After all the rooms in the home have been inspected, residents of Fort Collins (determined by a zip code entry during account creation) are prompted to submit a request for a follow-up visit from a volunteer if desired. Now, when a volunteer comes to see the home, he or she can start with a detailed list of tasks to tackle. Time and energy are better spent, and residents have a more active role in the process.

We are so excited to see this addition to an amazing program. We love our great city, and we feel lucky to be part of a project to make it even better. If you’d like to improve the indoor air quality of your home, get started with Healthy Homes here. You can also learn more by watching the video below.