We’re excited to announce the launch of a new web application for Enitor Group, a company operating eight Jiffy Lube locations in Northern Colorado! The company has unique work flows and tasks, and out-of-the-box software and previous attempts at custom software had been frustrating and come up short. So they turned to Rocket Jones for a robust new system that would fulfill their specific needs. The custom web application primarily manages HR tasks with some functionality to support operations.

With eight locations to manage, the operations team does a lot of hiring and personnel management, and the custom software’s main purpose is making the hiring process seamless. It also facilitates communication and conflict resolution for the employees, managers, and owners. To-do items, new hire forms, checklists, and personnel changes are easily sent back and forth, with a record of comments and approval.

The software also helps managers at each location easily order supplies and submit repair requests. Past forms are stored in the cloud and can be easily found for reference later.

Employees can also access the cloud-based software to order new uniforms, request vacation time, and see their pay and position history. They can also edit and update personal information, easily keeping all company records current.

The new custom web application aids communication, streamlines the hiring process, and keeps accurate records. Operations staff can use the checklist feature to perform safety and maintenance checks and communicate results to the location managers. Editor Group’s staff can use the software from anywhere, and they don’t have to pay any per-user costs. We’re excited to see it launch! Congratulations to Enitor Group!