We’re excited to announce the launch of another Rocket Jones iOS project! This project was done with LogiLube, a company located in Laramie, Wyoming. LogiLube sells oil for large manufacturing machines, and they also offer an analysis service. Their customers send in samples of used oil, which LogiLube analyzes. Then they tell their customers how to improve the maintenance of the machine, extending its life and improving performance. Before the app, the customers would handwrite identifying information on the sample test tubes before shipping them back. This introduced room for error, plus it was time consuming and challenging to manage for LogiLube and their customers.

LogiLube decided to change the system and move to a mobile app and a bar code system. In house developers started building an iOS app, and the project was going well, but the deadline was coming closer. They needed some extra help with a few complexities of the app in order to finish in time. That’s when they started looking for an outside vendor who could jump in and help them finish the iOS app. After contracting with Rocket, we worked together to get the app finished and launched. Now, the app is launched and ready for the LogiLube customers to download and use. We’re excited to continue working with this great company for future versions of the app.

The final app works when the customer uses it to scan the barcodes on new oil containers and then scan barcodes on the sample tubes when they are filled and ready to ship back. The app keeps a record and date of each sample, and through a backend dashboard, LogiLube can view a list of customers, what oil they are using, and what samples are currently being shipped back. The system is orderly and precise, and it has significantly less room for error.

If you’d like to check out more images of the app and read more about it, click here to see it on the App Store.