This week we are celebrating the launch of MainGate Tickets! MainGate offers a simple way to buy and sell tickets for events of any size, and the flat ticket fee keeps events affordable for vendors and guests. Vendors simply create a free account and start building an event page and ticket types.

Creating events is easily customizable. Vendors can set up multi-day events, one-time events, or even duplicate a past event to save time. The flexibility of event creation really sets MainGate apart from other ticketing sites. The event page includes all the events details, including description, images, dates and times, and promotional offers. A Google Maps integration makes it easy for guests to locate the venue and get directions right from the page.

Ticket types are also easy to customize, making it simple to offer child, senior, and family deals. MainGate allows vendors to create multiple ticket types and offer customizable discounts and promo codes to aid marketing efforts and tracking successful advertising.

When guests bring their tickets to the event, checking in is quick and easy. Each ticket has a QR code to scan, and each order has an optional “check in all” QR code. So if you buy five tickets for your whole family, you can check them all in at the gate with one ticket instead of five. (Or if you are arriving at different times, hand out tickets before the event and scan them individually when you arrive.) The “check in all” feature keeps lines moving quickly and guests happy. No need to buy expensive ticketing equipment; staff members can use any smartphone or QR code reader to scan tickets.

Once a vendor has created an event and started selling tickets, payments get processed quickly. MainGate only charges a $1 flat fee on each ticket sold, so vendors keep more of the profits and guest prices stay low, encouraging higher ticket sales.

Congrats to MainGate on the big launch! For your next special event, try out MainGate by clicking here.