We’ve worked with Logan Simpson and the NPS for the past three years. As you know, the NPS cares for and manages all cultural and natural resources within the parks. These resources must be carefully considered before building new or expanding existing roads. We started with a web based decision support tool that was a concept prototype to help the NPS with transportation planning across multiple parks in the Southeast region.

The web application stores all the resource data for the parks. It allows the NPS to compare data by park, quickly evaluate priorities for the region, and generate reports that guide important decision-making. The tool also generates goals, objectives, and strategies related to each category of resource preservation.

Recently, we’ve been working with Logan Simpson to implement a new round of updates and feature improvements to the tool. The tool is also being expanded to manage even more parks and more regions. This project is a great example of the flexibility of custom software to evolve and update over time. The software started as a concept prototype and has grown into a robust tool as greater needs have been identified.

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