We’ve enjoyed working with Prosci since 2013, and their software needs continue to evolve and grow. Our initial project in 2013 was building Prosci a complete online portal for their change management tools and materials. (Read the complete case study here.) Prosci helps companies, large corporations, and individuals manage organizational change in effective ways. Initially, we created the Portal to allow them to distribute their intellectual property through easy-to-access online tools. Users access the online tools in the Prosci Portal with unique login credentials, and the Portal also managed all the recurring subscription charges. Besides providing these online tools, Prosci also sells tickets for in-person change management training and hard-copy materials through a separate online store.

This summer, Prosci decided to simplify their payment process by combining the online store and the Portal subscriptions into one online purchasing experience. They needed to manage all purchases, one-time and recurring, through the same dashboard. This change would improve their reduce time spent processing orders, reduce manual data entry, and improve cost savings.

We are currently integrating the online store and the Portal so users can add Portal subscriptions to their cart along with change management training and hard-copy materials. When the purchase is made, the online store now communicates directly with the Portal. These automated systems now talk to each other, saving Prosci from manual data management. Access to the Portal is allowed for the user, and recurring billing is set-up automatically.

Custom web software like the Prosci Portal can change and evolve with a company’s needs. It can keep up with changes to technology, business strategy, and customer needs. If you think custom web software could be right for your company, check out five case studies in our free eBook to learn more.