As we approach the end of the year, we like to look back at what we did and accomplished. Rocket Jones had a great year, thanks to our awesome team and amazing clients. Thank you for being a part of our year!

January: In January,  we focused on supporting our clients and answering questions through our business transition. Now, a year later, we’re still happy and impressed with Folsom Creative’s quality of work and customer support.

February: Our UX Designer and Content Marketer, Kate, returned from a few months of remote work in Wisconsin. We’ve increased our attention on UX design over the past two years, and it’s resulted in a smoother development process for us and better software for our clients.

March: Our senior developer, Jeff Shoemaker, and our technical support, Tyler Goll, both celebrated birthdays in March. If you’ve worked with Rocket for any time at all, you know we love celebrations and good food. An office tradition is going out for lunch together to celebrate birthdays.

April: We were happy to accept an invitation to attend Loveland’s start-up week in April. Jeff Bristol, owner and founder, participated in a panel discussion along with one of our start-up clients, Brian Lackey.

May: CSU’s online solar panel calculator went live in May. It’s a neat public tool that allows you to accurately estimate your costs and savings for home solar panels. We loved working with CSU!

June: Over the summer, we launched several fun projects, including the new Transfort bus route display and some major updates to the National Parks Service’s transportation planning web application.

July: In July, we welcomed Danielle Nelson to the Rocket team, as project and office manager. She’s done a great job and been a pleasure to work with!

August: This was a month of hard work from the development team. We were in the thick of several large projects, and our development team put in some impressive work.

September: We’ve worked with Blogging for Books for many years, and it’s a pleasure to see their program change and grow. We’ve supported their software through several upgrades, and this fall, their registration system went through a update.

October: In October, we launched the Healthy Homes project! It’s another neat public tool, and we collaborated with the City of Fort Collins and A-Train Marketing to create it.

November: Over the past few years, we’ve done more and more iOS app work, which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed. In November, we launched another iOS app. SmartLab is an app for LogiLube, a Laramie company.

December: And here we are in December. This month, we’re excited to launch a custom web application for Enitor Group, a company operating eight Jiffy Lube franchises in Northern Colorado.

Well, that’s our year! We hope yours was equally joyful and successful! Here’s to a wonderful 2018!