Apple and iOS App Development

Grow Your Business with an iOS App

We build custom apps for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. Launch your custom app on the App Store or launch it internally just to your company. Our process involves User Experience research, design and collaboration, coding, testing, and submission to the App Store.

  • Connect with users through push notifications
  • Publish and manage content
  • Gather data on the go
  • Increase user interaction with the camera and microphone
  • Develop your unique concept to solve a problem or fill a need

For 15 years, we’ve helped our customers connect with users through innovative applications built just for them.

Solve Business Problems

Struggling to collect and manage data? Need to keep remote employees connected? Generally feeling left behind as the mobile train continues to fly by? Rocket Jones can help. We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your business and design, then build an app that perfectly fits your needs.

Delight Millions of People

The iOS platform is a great choice for mobile app development! Apps for iPhone and iPad can access many native features of Apple devices. iOS apps can be used for customer engagement, product or information distribution, or used internally to streamline business processes and connect employees.

Our business has been through a tremendous amount of change, evolution, and growth over the past few years. Rocket Jones has been there with a robust and strategic approach all along the way. Rocket Jones breathes extensive technical knowledge, organized processes and real-life solutions to complex problems into every application they touch.

Emily Chatterley

Content Manager, Angel Armor

“Of all their great qualities, collaboration is probably the top one for Rocket Jones. They know how to juggle business needs, user experience, and our vision. Plus, they are incredibly adept at understanding the impact of one on the other.”

Tim Creasey

Chief Development Officer, Prosci

“The communication that Rocket Jones puts forth is exceptional. Same day responses to emails may seem old school, but they add value by doing so. Projects have always been billed per the quote and never more than the estimated amount. We have always felt appreciated, and our projects have always been dealt with as though we were their only client. When app versions are released, the quality is impeccable.”

Brian Lackey

Founder, Outdoor Interactive

The Rocket Promise: Painless Projects Every Time


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