Post by Zachary Ostin
Are you tired of spending your time doing the day-to-day grind, feeling the same frustrations, and getting stuck on the same boring tasks? Would you like to focus on things that really matter to you and your company?

I recently heard a podcast by Tim Ferriss (one of the most successful podcasters ever) where he deconstructed the habits of the most successful people in the world at their chosen profession. He said he is often asked what is the common denominator with all the people he has interviewed. He said that you can’t pin success on just one thing, but over 80% of the people he has interviewed do a few things consistently.

1. They automate menial details.

What if you came to work, and instead of spending a majority of your time doing data input, you could login into a dashboard and all of the important data was already there at your fingertips? I mean it. It’s 2016, folks, and this type of technology is currently employed by small businesses as well as global giants.

2. They prioritize.

What would it be like if you took time each day to think deeply about what matters? Sit down in the morning while it is quiet, have a journal in hand, and think through your goals and how to effectively reach them. This is a powerful method that has been used by very successful people.

3. They meditate.

What would it be like if you took 10-30 minutes each morning to mediate? I know if you are anything like me, you think meditation is a little weird. I get it; I felt the same way before I tried it. But I have found after a few weeks of meditating, my ability to focus has dramatically increased. My patience has increased as well, and I really look forward to this time each morning to just be still.

These things do not come naturally to me; they are all a discipline I have to practice. However, I do have a few recommendations that will help you incorporate these suggestions into your daily life.

Automation: We all know there are a ton of mobile apps screaming they will change your life. And maybe they will. Sometimes automating your details and data can be accomplished with a mobile app from the app store or subscribing to web software like Workday or Salesforce. But if you are already using out-of-the box software that still isn’t cutting it, or your data and processes are very unique, then you might need to consider custom software. It can feel like a bigger step than buying out-of-the-box, but it will be exactly what you need to focus on meaningful work. If you’re curious about custom software, you can visit our portfolio or email me at to see examples of custom software for business.

Prioritization: It sounds simple, but get yourself a nice journal. I recommend Moleskin. It is more or less the world standard in journals. Get yourself a quiet spot, and go to that spot at the same time each day. Just writing can be super helpful, but I do have a recommendation on format. Keep it brief, and write about your experience the day before, then take some time to write about how you felt about it. Then move on to how you would like to improve that process. Once that is complete, take some time to work through the action steps to get where you want to be. Also take a few moments to write down your goals.

Meditation: This one is much easier than you might think. Get yourself Headspace. This is a free app that takes you through 10 guided meditations for free. You get to keep the 10 episodes forever. This app is extremely well done. There is clearly some science behind it. The sessions are only 10 minutes long, and it will give you focus, patience and energy. Trust me, I was a skeptic, but it works!

This topic is so important. Our society has become so used to scrambling from one thing to another, but we need to stop and consider how we are spending our time each day. Otherwise we can spend our lives doing less meaningful work.