Our Development Process

Rocket Jones specializes in custom web and mobile application development. Each application is unique, just like each customer. But no matter what the application is or what it’s for, there is one constant: our proven 4-Stage Process. The 4-Stage Process brings consistency and quality to the complex task of custom software development. Each Stage includes detailed steps that guarantee a polished final result.

Stage 1: Explore + Imagine

During this stage, we take the time to get to know you and your company and learn about your story. We ask questions, listen, and identify your priorities and work flow. The goal of Stage 1 is a complete understanding of the application’s context, users, and tasks. This stage can include:

  • Review existing data
  • Conduct interviews
  • Shadow the intended users
  • Identify platforms and technology
  • Identify a primary user and priority tasks

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Stage 2: Plan + Sketch

Just as an architect creates a blueprint for a custom home, we build a blueprint for your custom application based on what we learn during Stage 1. During this stage we work closely with you, sharing ideas and collaborating back and forth. By getting everything on paper, you know exactly what to expect. Stage 2 may include:

  • Design necessary data structure
  • Create wireframes
  • Develop interaction diagrams
  • Conduct rapid prototyping

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Stage 3: Build + Test

Because of the hard work we’ve done together in Stage 2 of our process, we now have an approved design and clear technical description of the application, down to every button and click. Like the custom homebuilder, we are ready for construction. Stage 3 includes:

  • Write code
  • Perform automated testing
  • Hold usability tests
  • Analyze feedback and refine code
  • Launch the product

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Stage 4: Support + Scale

Once the finished product is in your hands, we continue our partnership with you to ensure future success. Launch is only the beginning of a great custom application development project. Changing technology frameworks and browser changes, as well as your business growth, create the need for periodic monitoring and upgrades. We are proactive about keeping your web application current; we plan for the future. Stage 4 can include:

  • Hosting
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Adding features and expanding capability
  • Technology updates

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Rocket Jones’ 4-Stage Process takes you from your vision to success. Our experience, collaboration, and support make us an easy choice for your next project. Fill out the contact form below to tell us your custom application idea.

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