Most of what we write about here is project updates featuring our clients’ web applications and mobile apps, but today we’re pleased to announce an exciting internal project we’ve been working on. BrewTribe is a mobile app framework for micro breweries. It’s completely personalized for each client, but because we’ve built a robust standardized framework for the app, it has a dramatically lower cost and faster turnaround time compared to launching a fully custom mobile app.

How It Works

Each brewery client can choose an app package that meets their needs for features and functionality and is at an affordable price point for them. We then build the app with that brewery’s colors, logo and font, and launch it on the App Store within two weeks. The brewery can update the beer list and other content from an easy-to-use back end control panel, which keeps the app up-to-date for customers (no waiting for the developer to work through a queue to get to a simple update).

What the App Does

BrewTribe helps breweries build a loyal tribe by making it easy for customers to choose a beer they’ll love with a detailed beer list including photos, offering purchase incentives with a digital loyalty card and coupon, and boosting event attendance with push notification reminders and event directions. The app is fully featured, built on Apple’s native iOS platform by our expert development team. It integrates with the phone’s camera, calendar, and maps.

The BrewTribe Story

It’s no secret that the Rocket Jones team loves the Fort Collins craft brewery scene. Owner and founder, Jeff Bristol, and his wife Darla set a goal last summer to visit every craft brewery in town. It was a fun experience, but they kept running into the same problem. When visiting a new brewery, it was hard to choose a beer. The chalk board offered a few details and a fun title, but it was often hard to read and was often missing info. They could ask the server, but it wasn’t practical to have him or her describe every beer on tap. So that sparked the idea for BrewTribe, and soon the Rocket team had envisioned, designed and built an app that would help customers choose a great beer and breweries build a great tribe.

Learn More

To see more photos of the app and find out more about how it works, visit or find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in purchasing an app package for your brewery, please contact us to get started. (970) 486-5790.