FORT COLLINS—Web development used to be a fairly generic term, but the growing popularity of platforms like WordPress has caused many web development companies to specialize in digital marketing or cloud-based software development. Since “DIY” platforms have flooded the Internet with cookie-cutter web pages, companies need more from their web development vendors in order to stand out online and grow their business. Many businesses need exceptionally targeted content and beautiful design for their marketing websites, while others need cloud-based software to run their businesses, monetize unique content and services, or distribute product.

Two local companies are experiencing this split in web development first hand. On November 15, 2016, Rocket Jones Interactive transferred over 100 website clients to Fort Collins based, Folsom Creative. For 15 years, Rocket Jones has built websites and web applications for local businesses, but the market shift prompted them to focus on web applications and mobile apps.

Jeff Bristol, owner of Rocket Jones, said of the transition, “We are excited to partner with a company who can better serve the needs of our website customers in an increasingly competitive online space. This transition will also allow us to focus on our key strengths: building custom web software and mobile apps. Ultimately, by partnering with Folsom Creative, our clients will have broader support for marketing services, and Rocket will redouble our focus on what we do best.”

Rocket Jones builds custom web applications and mobile apps. In contrast to marketing websites, web applications are more complex Internet tools, usually backed by a database. Examples of popular web applications include extensive eCommerce sites (such as Amazon), information storage and management (Google Drive and Evernote), business data storage and analysis (QuickBooks Online and Salesforce). Rocket Jones works with companies who need more functionality than out-of-the-box software can provide. Rocket Jones builds custom web applications that automate unique processes, saving employees valuable time and reducing frustration.

Folsom Creative is committed to providing a full spectrum of digital marketing services. They know that small businesses need more than just a website in 2016, so they offer branding and logo design, web design and development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and ongoing support and maintenance.

To contact Rocket Jones or learn more about custom web software and mobile app development, call 970-482-5790.

To contact Folsom Creative about marketing websites and digital marketing services, visit or call 888-944-4646.