Transfort is the public transportation system in Fort Collins and operates 21 routes within the city and one route between Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont, and Boulder. Rocket Jones and Transfort have worked together since 2014.

We recently updated their route schedule pages with an interactive route display that shows every stop along a route. We’ve built other custom features on the Transfort site, so we were excited when they came to us with a new challenge to solve.

Before this update to the route pages, the only way to view route details was by downloading a PDF route map. That worked for some users, but it caused challenges for others. The PDF was not text to speech friendly, so it wasn’t helpful for the visually impaired. It also didn’t work well on mobile devices or show all the stops on a route, which made it challenging for users trying to plan a trip on the fly. Transfort needed a way to clearly display all the stops on a route in a way that would be user-friendly and comprehensive.

The interactive route display uses toggles to select day of the week, route direction, and special schedules. Then to view additional stops, the user can click the plus button between columns to expand the view and see more stops and times. Now, a user planning a route has access to all the stops and times, but without becoming overwhelmed by a massive amount of data. And because the text is directly on the page, it’s text to speech friendly.

Click below to check out the new route display on the Transfort site!