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Case Study
Streamlining Data Access and Onboarding for Metolius
A Rocket Jones Success Story
Case Study
Executive Summary
In the dynamic world of the golf industry, timely access to business intelligence is essential for informed decision-making. Metolius Golf, a pioneering provider of real-time business intelligence, analytics services, and cloud marketing, specializes in serving golf courses and pro shops across the United States as they address increasingly competitive markets. Metolius Golf recognized the need to securely collect data from clients and streamline their onboarding process. Two years ago, they turned to Rocket Jones for a solution, setting in motion a journey that not only solved their immediate challenges but also expanded their capabilities. This case study chronicles the evolution of this partnership, highlighting the impact on Metolius Golf's operations, client satisfaction, and recognition in the industry.


Metolius Golf is a leader in delivering real-time business intelligence and analytics to its clients in the golf industry. To achieve this, they aggregate data from various sources, including Google Analytics, Lightspeed POS, and Lightspeed Retail. However, they faced significant hurdles in securely collecting this data from clients and simplifying their complex onboarding process.

The Original Problem

Two years ago, Metolius identified two key challenges:

  1. Secure Data Collection: They needed a secure method to collect sensitive data from clients, including authorization to access various data sources.
  2. Complex Onboarding: Streamlining the onboarding process for clients was essential. Reducing friction while ensuring data security was the top priority.

The Solution by Rocket Jones

Metolius Golf turned to Rocket Jones for a solution. Rocket Jones recognized the need for a simplified process for both Metolius and its clients. Here's how the partnership evolved:

  1. Automated Authorization: Rocket Jones built a simple admin interface for Metolius admins, enabling them to auto-generate OAuth links for clients. This streamlined the authorization process.
  2. Data Integration: Over time, Metolius realized the potential to do more with client and user data. They moved away from using Google Sheets for data collection and integrated additional tools.
  3. Enhanced Client Access: Clients could now access reports, update budgets, and perform tasks more efficiently thanks to automated integrations for authentication and identity verification through Google.
  4. User Management: Rocket Jones expanded into user management, simplifying data access, increasing visibility into reports and tools for users, and enhancing onboarding.
  5. Improved Data Accuracy: The automation reduced reliance on the human factor, resulting in faster data analysis and increased data accuracy.
Rocket Jones makes custom web development easy. In Rocket Jones, we have a partner who has invested in understanding our technology and bringing it to life in a web application. As developers ourselves, we can attest to the quality of their work. The team is very responsive and invested in productive outcomes.
Ross Liggett
Founder and Managing Partner, Metolius Golf
Case Study

The partnership between Metolius and Rocket Jones is a testament to how technology can transform businesses. What began as a quest to simplify data collection and onboarding has evolved into a comprehensive solution that empowers Metolius to provide even greater value to its clients.

Metolius' commitment to innovation and Rocket Jones' expertise in automating complex processes have not only streamlined their operations but have also elevated their standing in the industry. Together, they have paved the way for businesses to access critical business intelligence seamlessly, enabling informed and timely decision-making in an ever-evolving market.

As Metolius continues to innovate and expand its offerings, they stand as an example of success in the world of real-time business intelligence and analytics, setting a standard for excellence that their competitors aspire to achieve.

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