Custom Web Application Development

Imagine the joy of doing more meaningful work, spending your hours on things that matter instead of busy work. We’re not kidding when we say¬†that custom web applications save you time, keep accurate records, give you an edge against your competitors, and provide better data. Your web application¬†is accessible from any web browser, which means it can be available to the public or secured for a limited audience. Either way, it’s simple to use and update. And to top it off, you own the software. No installing. Seamless updating across the board. Pretty great, eh?

PHP development

PHP Development

Our team of developers are PHP experts. Our nerdy love for PHP development is well deserved because PHP has so many benefits. PHP is a tested and proven language. It’s a high-quality open-source platform that runs some of the largest sites on the Internet. It’s super flexible, which makes it ideal for our custom web applications. PHP web applications can integrate easily with most third-party tools, so we can pull data from your internal database or other cloud-based software you use. Put all your data and process management in one place with a PHP web application.

PHP development

LAMP Stack

We’ve been in this business for 15 years, and we use the LAMP stack for its consistent performance and features. It is rock-solid technology we trust, and it’s the backbone for most of the Internet. LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. All four work together in a web application. Linux runs the server software, which Apache runs on and makes the web application accessible from the Internet. MySQL is the database foundation, and PHP is the programming language of the actual application.

We also support Microsoft Windows Servers running IIS and SQL Server. Please contact us with questions.

Because Rocket Jones is committed to excellent products and long-term customer relationships, we provide regular updates and maintenance as web platforms improve.
Say goodbye to tedious busy work.

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